Coles - 48 cans of Coca Cola Can Varieties for $28 ( 58c per can )

21 May 2009

Buy 2 x 24 can packs for $28 which equals 58c per can


  • golfwidow
    WELCOME to Buckscoop Oppressa If voting cold please leave a comment on why you think this.
  • nod
    Welcome Oppressa :) and thanks for the post. 58c a can is not a bad offer I think
  • modtang
    Coke is way more expensive than Pepsi. I used to drink Pepsi Max which I could regularly get for 43c a can. Since I switched to Coke Zero I've never found it cheaper than about 57c a can. This is a decent bargain and about as cheap as you're likely to find it.

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