Coles - 2x 450g Nestle Milo Energy Drink Tins for $7

22 July 2008

This week at Coles there are quite a few good specials including this one.
Buy 2 tins of Nestle 450g Energy Drink for $7 ($3.50 each). Normally $5.19 each (or $6.23 online).


  • admin EDITOR
    ouch - 6.23 online. Why the big difference between instore and online?
  • craftykiwi
    Don't know why either but probably something to do with offsetting their delivery costs.
  • Brad
    Just added the can size to the title ;) Hot vote!
  • craftykiwi
    Thanks Brad. Just noticed KMart have a 750g tin on special for $6.99 so with this Coles deal you're getting 900g for effectively the same price.

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