Coles - 250g Chocolate Blocks Half Price - $1.89 - Starts 13th August

11 August 2009

Probably not as nice as the Green & Black's choccie Coles had on offer last week, but they have their own brand name chocolate blocks on offer this week.

You can get a 250g bar for half price, costing $1.89

Offer starts On Thursday, 13th, until the 19th.


  • frogduck
    hot from me :) im willing to try these out, it does say Belgian chocolate after all :P
  • bluntman
    This is my favourite chocolate
  • Bowersnest
    they're delicious
  • nod
    is this offer on ay a woolies near anyone?
  • frogduck
    They are Coles Chocolates :) I did see 125g or 150g at a nearby coles (southlands Perth) for $1 each on clearance though. Maybe you'll have luck with them :) Oh, and they're as Bowersnest said; They're delicious :D

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