Cleanskin Chateau Reynella 2005 basket pressed shiraz $179.88 delivered (constellation)

3 August 2009

This is technically a cleanskin so its 'unlabelled' and comes with the usual overseas export gone wrong story they seem to put on all cleanskins. The wine itself however won the 2005 Ian Smith memorial trophy for vintage dry table red so with that info its reasonably easy to find out who made it and to price it.

Its got pedigree. The Reynella vines are 170 years old and the winery has won a fair swag of medals for its wines. The labelled version of this wine really does sell for £15 ($30) in the UK and $54 in the US so it looks legitimate. The 2006 version of the same wine sells over here at $50 a bottle. So at $14.99 as a cleanskin its a bargain.

Worth a look if your into your wines. Winelist are offering you $15 in 'cashback' if you dont think its the best value shiraz you've tried. Fairly bold offer and they must be confident otherwise something like that is going to hurt the bottom line.


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    Interestingly - this is one of the Constellation Brand wineries. Of course constellation group are in the poo given that they've got huge debt so there's quite a few of their wines being knocked out at discount prices. Whats great for the consumer is that Constellation have a good number of premium brands in the group so keep an eye out - some good bargains to be had.
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    Another of the constellation knock down ]here.

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