Cellarmasters - Free Case of Beer w/ $99 Father's Day Mix (10 Wines) + Shipping

11 August 2010

A Cellarmasters & Paypal Father's Day promotion until 5 September or until sold out!

10 wines for $99* plus choice of FREE BEER!
Save as much as $56.90 off the full price of your wine mix

Choice of EITHER Crown Lager OR Corona

If stocks are unavailable theyll try to make an alternative offer available
Save upto $60 on the Beer of your choice

Delivery is EXTRA Nationwide delivery is an additional delivery charge depending upon area shipped to ... plus a delivery guarantee charge to cover your order against theft and breakage. The delivery guarantee charge is $1.00 per case (for orders to $5.95 and $7.95-per case delivery zones) or $1.20 per case (orders to all other zones), which will be added to your total and displayed in the checkout screen.


  • admin EDITOR
    These case of wine + case of beer deals are a decent bargain I reckon.
  • Rebekah76
    we got this deal a few years ago - and it was great. Not sure if the same, but the only catch is you have to 'join' their club for free and you will get sent advertising for a year... and you have to tell them at the end of the year that you don't want to be in the club anymore, before you are charged the annual membership fee - so read the fine print and make sure you cancel before you are charged the fee next year. (only takes a phonecall)
  • Rebekah76
    Note, this a paypal member offer
  • Wally
    Hi ]Rebekah76 , All that is necessary for new customers, is to join CellarMasters, ie so they can deliver it to you :-) That is to say, once you arrive on, then click thru the promotional page, you don't have to subscribe to any further commitment ie You don't have to pay by PayPal to get the Deal
  • admin EDITOR
    the only catch is you have to 'join' their club for free and you will get sent advertising for a year...
    Not with these guys rebekah. Its just a walk in off the cyber street and buy jobbie. I'm wondering whether the "Register for the Cellarmasters newsletter and get a $10 gift voucher" can't be used with this offer hint hint.....:).
  • Rebekah76
    thanks - they must have changed their ideas - It is the same company and exactly the same deal (and price).. worth it. if you consider the beer is prob no less than $40 on special, it is only $60 for 10 great wines

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