Cellarmasters buy 2 cases from the catalogue and get a dozen good shiraz free

26 July 2011

Once on their website, "click the buy 2 get 1 free catalogue link" this will bring up a list of all the wines included in this offer. The free dozen automatically appeared in my shopping cart once I had 2 cases in there.

I was able to buy 2 cases, use a $50 off voucher I had and still get the free case.

All up, I bought 2 of their 16 case bargains, which got me an extra dozen of Lindemans Bin 1086 Padthaway Shirz (case valued at $299).

Total cost including shipping was:$226.53 which works out to $5.15 per bottle - and this is for some very nice wines, not just real cheapies. Watch our friends and rellies, I am planning on giving wine for Christmas and birthdays this year!

(if you buy 2 cases of certains whites, the cost will be $198 less $50, plus shipping - so will be around $175 for 44 bottles - which is under $4 per bottle average)

Sorry, but I couldn't find an end date for this one. and remember that if you use codes/deals you might not get Buckscoop cashback.

Also remember if you are have a qantas frequent flyer you can get FF points through cellarmasters, so put your card number in there.


  • admin EDITOR
    The $50 off vouchers make for some good deals when combined in the way you have.
  • owenhwh
    how dya know if they have added the free dozen to your cart??
  • Rebekah76
    the free dozen appears in your cart on screen once you have added 2 cases from the "buy 2 get 1 free" catalogue. I tried to get you a link to that catalogue and it took me to another catalogue which has a buy 10 get 6 free of a different wine. I'm thinking this deal is no longer available, but you could try calling their call centre and see if that works? 1800 500 260 (you never know?) The link above to the free wine page is still active, so they may honour the deal if you call them.

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