Cellarmasters - $99 for 10 wines + free case of Beer (Sol) or Sparkling Wine

21 December 2011

Buy a case of wine (10 wines - either red, white or a mix) and get a case of Sol beer or 3 x sparkling wines for free.

Why not use the $50 voucher at the same time an make it even cheaper. I think there is a minimum spend of $120 to use the voucher, so buy something else like a 6 pack of Yellowglen for $41.94 (need some bubbly for xmas as well).

For 10 wines, a case of beer + 6 bottles of bubbly is $140.94 less $50 voucher = $90.94 (plus delivery fee which isn't that much from memory)

And don't forget bucky cashback!


  • Rebekah76
    the brochure I have says it can be Sol, Corona or Stella Artois beer.
  • ntowill
    You may want to post a link to your one as well Rebekah. My link is just for Sol beer. Also, I think this $50 voucher still works: ]Voucher Link
  • ntowill
    Here's another $50 voucher: ]Voucher 2 Link
  • admin EDITOR
    Hot ..... use of the voucher means your getting either the beer or the wine for free depending on which way you look at it. Good deal.
  • roomer
    have you tried using the voucher ? When I tried, it didn't work ,something about not applying to beer purchases
  • kickling
    Sorry Ntowill (and everyone else) ... you cannot use the $50 voucher from either of the two links : Your voucher can not be used for these products in your cart: [WQG711, BM40]. - Please check the terms & conditions of the voucher and remove these products before submitting your order. And the Terms and Conditions : This offer is valid for 30 days on receipt of this voucher for purchases with a minimum order value of $120. Voucher cannot be redeemed on any beer, or any FREE beer offers.
  • ntowill
    Sorry guys. You can use the vouchers with free beer offers even though the T&C's say you can't. Have used them many times before. Try this voucher: ]Link 3
  • voteoften
    Thanks for those vouchers. I did not have the first two. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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