Catch of the Day - Ferrero Rocher/Raffaello - $9.95 for 48 pack + $7 shipping capped

22 March 2010

48 x Ferrero Rocher/Raffaello Chocolates


$7 Shipping Cap! Order as many of these delightful sweets and a maximum of just $7 for shipping. Order big and save. Have them shipped just in time for easter.

Youd normally expect to pay up to $11.95 for a pack of 16 Ferrero Rocher in regular supermarkets and retail outlets, but weve got em today at only $9.95 for 48 pieces. Thats 3 times the chocolate for less than what youd pay elsewhere for just one pack. There are plenty of ravenous chocolate lovers out there, so make sure you get in quick and grab what you can while you can. These beauties will be shipped on time for easter - the timing couldn't be better!

Choose between the following two options in the drop down menu at checkout:

* Option A: 48 x Ferrero Rocher (600g, 3 x 16 Pack)
* Option B: 48 x Confetteria Raffaello (480g, 16 x 3 Pack)

* Raffaello best before 21st May 2010 plenty of time to scoff them down
* Raffaello comes in a 480 gram box 16 packs of 3
* Ferrero Rocher best before date - 18/04/10 (But I'm sure they'll all be eaten before then!)
* Ferrero Rocher comes in 3 gift boxes of 16 pieces each


  • Rebekah76
    so - if you buy only one pack of 48 for $9.95 plus $7 the cost is about 35c each. As the 16 pack is usually $12ish, by this method, the 16 pack would cost $5.65 and the more you buy, the better this deal is due to the $7 shipping cap Note - my local target was clearing out the 30 packs for $7.01 last week (with short date too) They had heaps - guess Ferrero Rocher stuffed up and made too many?? Although these are still in date, I wouldn't eat them out of date. The Ferreros do go stale quite quickly and you can taste the difference. Good Easter present.
  • wfdTamar
    I've had 2 orders misplaced by this mob lately (after I had paid). They tell lies when queried. Really dodgy customer service.
  • nod
    Cheap choccies if you buy more than one but they are getting quite old :( Giving away as pressies is the best idea
  • nod
    I've had 2 orders misplaced by this mob lately (after I had paid). They tell lies when queried. Really dodgy customer service.
    There has been a lot of talk about their dodgy customer service. I have only every ordered one thing from them which arrived without any problems but the packaging was rubbish so the item got squished. Not unusable so I never bothered to talk to the CS
  • Keeys
    I regularly order from these guys and am yet to have a problem ..Maybe I've just been lucky??
  • lisss
    Eww I wouldnt give them as prezzies! I wouldnt like to be the recipient of stale or soon to be stale choccies.
  • laml
    All sold out now... ________ ]Lesbian live

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