BWS - Beer of the Month - Chang (6x330ml for $10).

15 July 2008

Chang Beer
6x330ml Stubbies

Click on ">> Go to deal" and then present the voucher at any BWS store and receive a 6 pack of Chang Beer for $10.

Thailands #1 Beer.
Winner of the 2008 Gold Monde Selection Award.

For your local bottleshop call 1300 138 297*
or visit
*Cost of a local call. BWS reminds you not to drink and drive.
BWS supports the responsible service of alcohol.


  • bluntman
    I like I like
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll give you a hot holdenmg - thats a good buy.
  • Bullion78
    Chang is rubbish IMO, get a slab on spec, much better value!
  • nod
    Any offers on Spec then Bullion78?
  • Bullion78
    [url][/url] is my favourite beer resource!
  • admin EDITOR
    Get a slab of what bullion ? Nod Spec isnt a beer..... jeeze ..... women.......
  • queenshrew
    [url][/url] is my favourite beer resource!
    I think you meant ? Interesting site ;) Thanks for the link. I don't drink but hubby does! I'll ask him to check it out :D
  • normie
    BWS also has Ofttinger Pils 24 Case for $32 havent tried it just yet but they claiming its the biggest selling beer in Germany or you can buy a 24 case of chang for $40 no coupon required.

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