Buy May Issue of Super Food Ideas at Safeway and get a Free Lunch Box & Snacks

25 April 2008

Buy the May issue of 'Super Food Ideas' at Safeway/Woolworths for $3.25 and receive a Free Lunch Box with free snacks inside.

Lunch box is a little on the small side but if you're getting the magazine anyway then a nice bonus.
Snacks include a small packet of Vege Chips (love these) and a packet of Corn Thins.


  • craftykiwi
    The link goes to the magazine website although there is no mention of the freebie and have only seen it at one store so far - maybe since it's not quite May the other stores have yet to stock it. Anyway thought this a better link than going to the Safeway one where it was originally heading since no mention of the magazine there at all.
  • admin EDITOR
    Corn Thins
    First time anyone put one of them in front of me I couldnt figure out why anyone would be inclined to eat a bit of cardboard with salt. That was before I ate one. Love them now.
  • leny
    Please do note that Woolworths Limited trades as Safeway only in Victoria. Therefore it may be unreasonable to put 'Safeway' into the title when the 7 other states know it as 'Woolworths.' I just thought I'd say that...
  • craftykiwi
    Understand leny but have only found it at one store so far so not sure if it's across all Safeway/Woolworths stores or not.
  • leny
    Oh ok then. :) I will have a look here in Brisbane too.
  • craftykiwi
    Thanks for that.
  • carmine
    I've seen it free in Sydney. I was about to buy it just to get the lunchbox and get the mag free but wasn't sure how much a lunchbox normally costs, so didn't get it in the end:)
  • craftykiwi
    Lunchboxes aren't that expensive so depends on what you're after. If you buy the mag anyway then a nice little bonus, but if not I guess you could a better lunchbox and slightly bigger for around the same price as the mag.

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