Buy 2 Large Pizzas, get a thin'n'crispy pizza FREE @ Pizza Hut!

9 November 2007

Just a tip off regarding Pizza Hut's latest promotion.

Buy 2 Large pizzas at regular menu price (ie. you can't use coupons, and have to pay 2 times $9.95) and you'll receive a large thin'n'crispy pizza
absolutely FREE, and even better, you don't need to bring a coupon - As
it's an automatic, Australia-Wide promotion!!

So thats $19.90 for 3 Large Pizzas, no coupon needed, for a limited time only!

Offline only promotion.


  • Brad
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I see they've brought back the pizza hut outback ribs just for you Brad.
  • Brad
    :confused: You mean the strangely large pieces of meat on the pizza shown above?
  • admin EDITOR
    No - when you go through to the site they're saying, proudly, that the ribs are back. No picture though - :D - might go find one see whether they've changed it.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - awesome - they havent changed a thing. MMMM - how appetising do these look :D

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