Buckscoop's Guide on the Best Places to Buy Quality, Affordable Wine Online in Australia

Earlier this year I spent a couple of months finding the right combination of wines to enjoy with my Master-Chef styled BBQ’s. Whilst performing this exercise I was also able to formulate an opinion about which retailers offer the best quality wines at the best possible prices. Unsurprisingly, when I compared my list to the retailers we see most commonly popping up on Buckscoop with the top wine deals, there was a considerable amount of overlap.

I'd like to share with you now Buckscoop's guide on where to get the best value on quality wines online in Australia. So not only can you forget about doing any of the heavy lifting by having wines delivered directly to your front door, but you won't have to do any of the research yourself either to find out which online wine retailers offer the best prices and service.


Below is the list of Buckscoop's favourite wine vendors, a description of their regular discounts and vouchers, company policies and anything else that makes ordering from them a pleasurable experience.



Launched:  2011, Adelaide

Delivery:  Shipping capped at $9 per order

Vouchers:  None currently (check back soon)

Awards:  ‘Online Retailer of the Year’ – ORIA Awards 2015,

‘Best Business, Best Employer’ – My Business 2014

‘Best Online Business’ – Australian Startup Awards 2014

VinoMofo Online Wine Retailer Australia

Buckscoop’s Reasons

Vinomofo have created a very cool community of shoppers, which they call their “mofos”, and when you visit their website they welcome you to the “fo”. Their site is full of humour and tongue in cheek commentary which makes the entire shopping experience quite unique and entertaining.

The company’s large customer base of 385,000 wine lovers helps it buy in bulk from trusted suppliers and ultimately pass those savings onto the consumer. If those savings weren’t enough, join as a member to take advantage of their secret “black market deals” which generally come with significantly marked down prices. Another option is to keep tabs of the Buckscoop Vouchers page for any active Vinomofo coupon codes giving you additional discounts.

If you're unsure about whether you'll be getting quality wine from them, then it's worth knowing that less than 2% of wines submitted to Vinomofo make it through the testing stage and onto their website. So it's only the best of the best that they end up offering to their loyal mofos.

Another major plus about shopping with Vinomofo is that they cap shipping within Australia to a maximum of $9 per order, no matter how many cases you request. This makes them the most affordable vendor when it comes to delivery of multiple cases. In addition, they have over 1,300 Parcelpoint Click and Collect locations to take advantage of too if you prefer to pickup your order somewhere conveniently closeby to where you live/work.

Finally, if after all of this you receive a bottle that you don’t like, then you can make use of their '100% Mofo happiness guarantee'. What this means is that you can return any wine to them that you're not completely happy about, no questions asked. I also like that they'll give you a choice of either a full refund, a credit or replacement - and will even come and collect the wine from you so that you don’t have to incur any costs.



Wine Market

Launched:  2008

Delivery:  $8 for 1 case; $16 for 2 cases; $20 for 3 or more cases.

Vouchers:  20% off (minimum spend of $100)

Awards:  None that I'm aware of.

WineMarket Online Retailer In Australia

Buckscoop’s Reasons

What I love about WineMarket is their huge selection of wines at very competitive prices. Their service is geared more towards buying cases of wine on account of their business model being based around their access to cancelled exports by wine producers, which they resell at a fraction of their intended retail prices.

On top of their low prices, WineMarket is a regular issuer of vouchers offering additional discounts. You'll find them here on the Vouchers section at Buckscoop. Getting 20% off is a fairly common discount level which comes with the requirement of having to spend at least $70. Any discount above this should definitely be taken advantage of, assuming the minimum spend threshold doesn't go up disproportionately.

Another perk of shopping with WineMarket is that you can also utilise their great value mixed bundle deals to create the ideal order for any occasion. Whether it is a combination of discounted reds or summer blushes, their vast selection always gives you more than enough to choose from.



Dan Murphy’s

Launched:  1952

Delivery:  $7 per case to metro, capped at $19 for other locations

Vouchers:  Free delivery; $10 off orders over $150

Awards:  ‘Online Retailer of the Year’  - ORIA Awards 2013


Dan Murphy's Online Liquor


Buckscoop’s Reasons

Dan Murphy’s also offers very competitive pricing, but when you’re competing with the likes of VinoMofo and Wine Market, you can’t really afford not to. To try and stay ahead of the pack, they can up with their ‘Nobody Beats Dan’s’ promotions. If price is the main factor for you when buying wine online, then I suggest you start by looking at these offers from Dan's (usually getting featured on the centre of their home page) as they're often unbeatable.

Dan Murphy’s also recognises that sometimes we only need one bottle of wine for an evening. So instead of forcing customers to commit to buying a case of 6 or 12 bottles, you have the option of ordering just one - and having it delivered! If you're wondering whether having a single bottle shipped would cost as much as the bottle itself in many cases, well the good news is that Dan's regularly release free shipping vouchers (which you can find here). Ideal if you're only looking to try a wine that was recommended to you or one that you've had your eye on for a while.

Additionally their website offers expert and customer reviews on most products along with tasting notes which could give you more confidence when exploring new wines to buy. The returns policy states that if your purchase is faulty, damaged or incorrectly described then they will happily refund your money or exchange the product. Plus, if Dan Murphy’s is at fault where a delivery has been made, they will cover the return shipping fees as well.




Launched:  1982

Delivery:  Starts at $6.95 (metro), capped at $60 (country addresses)

Vouchers: $25 off orders over $120

Awards:  None that I'm aware of.


Cellarmasters is one of Australia's largest Online Liquor e-commerce companies


Buckscoop’s Reasons

Cellarmasters is another wine company with a huge arsenal of delicious reds, whites and sparkling wines. What distinguishes them from the wine retailers mentioned so far, is their concentration on boutique wines which often can't be found anywhere else online. So if you're looking for a unique bottle of wine for a special occasion, then this is a good place online to start looking.

If you're after a bargain then their regular clearance sales tend to offer decent markdowns on the 14 and 16 bottle bundles. Generally though, I'd recommend Cellarmasters for imported wines as they appear to be far more competitively priced on these than local labels.

If you find yourself struggling to find a good deal on Cellarmasters (or any of the other retailers for that matter), our resident deal hunter ‘vikk’ is a regular poster of wine deals within the Buckscoop community and often manages to dig out the best value offers on their website.



First Choice

Launched:  1982

Delivery:  From $6.95 (metro) to $18.95 (country addresses), free on wine/spirits orders over $150

Vouchers:  None currently (check back soon)

Awards:  None that I'm aware of


First Choice Liquor in Australia

Buckscoop’s Reasons

Last, but certainly not least is First Choice Liquor, which in many respects is a great alcohol retailer. Most importantly it’s well worth knowing that some of their most competitive offers are the on the special 6 bottle bundles that they promote within their newsletter emails. So if you want in on the action, I’d go ahead and sign up if I were you.

If you hear people talk about the variety of Dan Murphy’s or the quirkiness of VinoMofo, then when it comes to First Choice it's their free shipping thresholds that most customers would probably comment on. As long as your wine or spirit order exceeds $150, then you'll receive delivery free of charge.

Those of you who only buy from your local 1st Choice store are missing a trick or two. Reason being that they're known for enticing customers to shop via their website through exclusive online-only offers that can’t be found in-store. So before you dive into the car and race off to grab some wine for this evening, check out their website first. And don't forget to visit their vouchers page on Buckscoop for any potential extra discounts before you checkout online.

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