Broo Beer: Buy a slab of broo beer and get 10 free shares in the company.

25 January 2011

Live The Dream
Own Shares in a Beer Company
Launches Australia Day
Wednesday 26th January 2011
Buy between 1 and 50 cartons of BROO on line from this site, and you will be offered 10 free shares in BROO Ltd for every carton you purchase.
The shares are free, the beer is not.
There's limited cartons, so when they're gone, we're done.

Basically you purchase the beer online and you will receive a voucher after the 28th Feb 2011 when the promotion ends. The voucher allows u to pick up your broo beer at around 800 outlets australia wide (mainly looks llike liqourland and other coles related stores).

Its not the cheapest beer around but it is a Premium Lager with no artificial anything and all natural ingredients.


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - interesting idea for a promo.... smart but I can see potential holes you could drive a car through. Good on them - its a hell of a novel idea and they've got big kahoonies. Not sure how they are getting around the need to issue a prospectus around the share offer.
  • odysseus
    There is a prospectus - it's available here: Keep in mind they're not listed so they're not readily tradable, i.e. you can't really sell them, there are no dividends going to be paid, and the owner holds 82,500,000 shares, whereas you're getting 10 shares per case. Thus, even if it became a $100m company in the future (with no more capital!) then your 10 shares would be worth $10. And it'll cost you at least that to sell them... Thus, to me the shares are just a distraction. If I bought, it would be because I like the beer at that price, not because I think I'll be a rich beer company owner by getting in early. (To the slogan the shares are free, I suggest the shares are worth what you're paying for them.)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - with that many shares on issue your 10 shares per carton net you a massive 0.000012% of the company.
  • admin EDITOR
    I still think its a smart marketing ploy.
  • normie
    I have to agree it does seem to be a marketing ploy, who knows how will it turn out. Broo Ltd is planning to list on the stock exchange at that point you will be able to trade your shares and you will have full voting rights. Terms and conditions here:
  • Kensington
    A slab of crown cost $49, whereas the Broo "suggested" retail is $54.99, which I think would be the price online tomorrow. 10 shares for the value of the $55-49 difference, hence $0.60 per share. Good deal or bad deal...? Lets say, upon release, Dan Murphy's doing a promo pice for a slab of Broo at $45, $54.99 (which you would have to pay to be entitled the 10 shares) minus the $45, equals to $9.99. Now that's $0.99 per share. You still end up paying $0.60-0.99 per share. There ain't no such thing as free lunch.
  • admin EDITOR
    That depends on whether they can force the retail outlets to maintain the min price when it goes on sale or they're allowed to sell at whatever price. But I suspect you may be right in the analysis kensington. Herald sun is reporting the slab price as $49 btw. And you can get a slab of crownies for $40 :) Anyone who was given the name Kent Grogan and hasnt changed it gets my respect......
  • normie
    [Anyone who was given the name Kent Grogan and hasnt changed it gets my respect......[/QUOTE] He is also known as Grog Monster. The online price is $54.99 nationwide. I have heard people buying it for under $50 in Victoria only. I have heard its mainly available at 1st Choice, Cellerbrations and IGA in Victoria, but not at dan murphys. You probably are paying for the shares indirectly but it seems pretty cool to be able to say you have shares in a beer company.
  • ninkasi
    Gotta hand it to them though... nice marketing ploy that's worked quite well it would appear from the links in (they should be ashamed of themselves) 'Broo Tube'. What is perhaps even nicer is their (less well advertised) pledge of $1 for every carton sold online to go to the flood relief.... doesn't sound like a lot, but then again startup & operating costs for a new business are not insignificant and every $1 counts....
  • ninkasi
    By the way, I should know - being the ]ancient Sumerian goddess of beer after all.... :cool:
  • admin EDITOR
    chuckling away.....

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