Brita Marella Cool Jug in Yellow or Green + 6 MAXTRA filters $40 delivered

1 December 2011

This is a great price for this product. The normal price of the jug at BigW is around $29.43, and a 3 pack of filters is a further $27.64.

If you bought this set at BigW, you'd be paying $84.71. The Brita online store currently has a special where it's $40 and free shipping!

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  • queenshrew
    That's a good price! Unfortunately I have gone el cheapo and stocked up a whole bundle of generic HOMEMAKER (Kmart) filters when I was shopping awhile back to get some Brita Filters and came across a shelf on sale for $3 per 2pack! I think I might still have 6 double packs in my larder =/ Spirit of the bargain hunter! They are generic ones - hope I don't die from some sort of contamination :p If I suddenly know why.... lol

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