Boozle - A site to find where the cheapest alcohol is near you

18 November 2008

Just came across this site and thought i would share it. Its like a search engine to find where the specials are on alcohol.
Example i put in Vodka Cruisers and my suburb and it came up with all the bottle shops in the area that have them on special..
Now that impresses me.


  • nod
    interesting idea :D I wonder how they make their $ from the site
  • admin EDITOR
    Possibly on a clickthrough charge and there will be a bit of money coming in off the display ads they run. :D - little creatures pale ale 24 stubbies, $51.99 - aussie liquor discounts in cockburn. Good price. Nice beer. Better price than liquorland at $68.
  • fairybelle
    Can imagine they would be making much.. but its such a great idea

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