BigW - 50% OFF Discount On All Decor Tellfresh Food Storage - Starts Thursday 19th March

17 March 2009

Another chance to stock up or replace your storage containers, I'll surely be grabbing some.


  • voteoften
  • nod
    you go and stock up Voteoften?
  • voteoften
    No. I haven't made it there yet. Don;t know if I will.
  • Tran
    i got the 5 in 1 pack that cost ~$8 i wonder if they are airtight.... cos the lid seems thin, i prefer the ones GLAD make, but cant complain bout the price.
  • tarajaneace
    $140 worth of plastic later.... thanks :+)
  • Tran
    woolies new catalog shows 50% of all sistema products. they seem to be made of a thicker plastic and have a latch for the lid.
  • tarajaneace
    I just replaced about $500 worth of sistemas with the decor tellfresh. I found the sistemas didnt keep food fresh long term. IE, in a week a pack of biscuits would be stale. Tara

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