Big W - Chupa Chups 40-piece bag $5.98

29 October 2009

For those of you who missed out of Catch of the Day and their Chupa Chups deal Big W has a 40-piece pack for $5.98 and no shipping costs since you can pick them up in person.


  • voteoften
    Hot from me. Is this their everyday price?
  • craftykiwi
    Don't know - sorry. Just says 'Hot Buy'.
  • voteoften
    It's probaly a special size, ony available for awhile. Thanks. I don't know if I will make it there, but I would love to pick up a couple of bags.
  • craftykiwi
    Might be handy for Halloween tomorrow. We don't have any young kids in the neighbourhood but I know of others that do and have borrowed the American tradition of Trick 'n Treat.
  • swissmiss
    I was thinking fantastic. We've just moved out to the suburbs and there are heaps of kids around. We're bound to get some trick or treaters so these will come in handy. (And I get to eat any leftovers!!!!)

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