Bay Beans Coffee - buy one get one free promo on Forte coffee beans.

7 January 2011

Its not typically cheap coffee but at two for one it is. You can get either 2 * 500gm for $11.80 or 2 * 1kg for $22.70 which works out to be pretty reasonable for high end coffee.

The order page does list 2,6 and 10kg bags but I'm not sure if they are included in the BOGOF promo - you'd want to send them an email to find out.


  • closey
    It's 2 x 500g for $22.70 + $6.95 shipping = $29.65 or 2 x 250g for $11.80 + $6.95 shipping = $18.75 Which is still not too bad for fresh quality beans. (The price is incorporated into the drop-down list pricing on the site for the Forte variety.)
  • admin EDITOR
    Ah - my mistake. Thanks closey. Tempted to expire this as at $22.70 a kilo its not that much of a bargain.

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