Award winning Merlot $88 a dozen at Jacks Wines

1 February 2007

Here is what they say about this merlot:
"2005 Warburn Premium Merlot
STILL INCREDIBLE VALUE - 9 Medals and 2 Trophies
Jack's Comments: Deep dark colour, A rich Merlot with plenty of flavour, nice dark colour with a hint of dark cherry and plums. After a while it opens up to some savoury characters, their is a another flavour their but I just put my mind to what it is. Regardless of all the accolades this is an absolute bargain and I could drink this everyday without a problem. PS worked out what the flavour was Chlorine from the tap water because of water shortages."

Not too sure about the Chlorine...but it did wine a lot of prizes

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Check the delivery price for your area. For us poor souls in WA, you pay a lot.


  • admin EDITOR
    jacks really do put some of these wines out at a great price. Chlorine flavour. Nice. Thats honesty. Does that mean he mixed it with tap water? Or was there chlorine on his glass? I cant remember which company it was (not Australia) but there was one years ago that had antifreeze in it. They were using it as a preservative.
  • nod
    Antifreeze is very sweet and very alcoholic. Shame it kills you :p But the only way to treat it is with more alcohol so maybe they just wanted people to drink more of their wine :w00t:
  • admin EDITOR
    what is it in antifreeze that kills you ? And what are the compounds that make it ?
  • nod
    Essentially antifreeze is an alcohol but it screws with your calcium levels I think but you die of kidney failure .. well from memory.... I should check :confused:
  • nelly
    :p So should I buy the wine or not? Bit worried if it has chlorine and antifreeze in it :( :p
  • admin EDITOR
    dont know nelly - buy some and give a bottle to that person down the road who keeps giving you grief. If you see flashing lights later that night ---- DONT DRINK IT. But secretly - I doubt it with the health and safety standards these days - and you probably ingest more chlorine down at the local pool (among other things)
  • pow a.
    I remember that anti-freeze laced wine, but not where it came from. So had to search for something about it :) ]Why Is AntiFreeze So Delicious?
  • wheadle
    Yeah! :w00t: now I can buy it without ruining my kidneys. Just the few brain cells I have left

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