Another buy one case and get one free from Jacks Wine PLUS 4.15% cashback

24 May 2007

This time around it looks like an order to the US fell thru and they have a load of wine to off load. One bottle has a yellow cab type label. I have not heard of the wine, so I do not know if it is good or if it is cheap. Thought i would pop up the deal and get some feedback.

The two wines available:
2004 Checkered Cab Cabernet Sauvignon $119.88 for 2 cases
2005 Stockmans Post Semillon Chardonnay $119.88 for 2 cases

Forgot to pop this one up
2005 Edwards Lake Unwooded Chardonnay $119 for 2 cases

The deep link takes you to the page listing all the 2 cases for the price of one that Jacks have at the moment.


  • admin EDITOR
    oh yea .... that old chestnut..... my shipment to America fell through.
  • nod
    LOL ... did you take your wit pill this morning Admin? :D
  • admin EDITOR
    I was born witty.
  • nod
  • admin EDITOR
    12/03 - the Edwards Lake is gone but the other two are still there.

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