Amazon Fresh Plans to Launch Grocery Delivery in Australia

The international e-commerce giant known as Amazon has been giving signs that it plans to launch its Amazon Fresh service in Australia. Our country has already witnessed a huge shake up within the supermarket industry from the game changer ALDI, but now Amazon Fresh plans to take them on along with Coles and Woolworths too with its home delivery service.

There have been loose dates thrown around mentioning that the new Amazon Fresh service will start no later than early 2018, with a heavy focus on trying to get it ready for launch in 2017. The main perk of using the service will be same-day delivery of fresh groceries; the future looks bright in my opinion.

Amazon Fresh Service to arrive in Australia by 2017/18We first witnessed the service launch in Seattle, USA before it continued to expand to five other major US cities. There are now talks being had with regards to launching the service in London, UK. The benefit to using Amazon Fresh is that it offers all the normal products you would find in a standard supermarket at comparable prices to traditional outlets, plus you can have it same-day delivery.

If we look at the US service as an example, they have categories such as; grocery (fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread, cheese, milk, alcohol and meat etc.), beauty, household, baby, drugstore (grooming, oral care, pet care, medicine etc.) and prepared foods (meal kits, platters, deli salads etc.).

In the states, delivery is free on orders over $50 however, I’m sure we can expect that figure to be a little higher in Australia when it arrives. Delivery options also vary, you can select same-day or early morning delivery if you need specific times. Those of you out there thinking this is nothing new are totally correct, there are other services that already exist in Australia such as Shop Wings and Your Grocer, plus Coles and Woolworths also offer home delivery too.

What’s the Catch?

Amazon Fresh delivery bagCustomers will only be able to shop with Amazon Fresh if they have an Amazon Prime Fresh membership similar to the Amazon Prime service. In the United States it costs US$299 per year, but each member will receive a 30-day free trial initially. There are some added benefits though, the PrimeFresh membership does include Amazon Prime benefits such as free two-day shipping from the Amazon store, unlimited movie and television streaming from Prime Video, Prime Music and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

If you are already an Amazon Prime member then you can upgrade to PrimeFresh with ease, so don’t feel isolated. There are delivery fees included in the service too; London users for example must reportedly pay £6.99 per month for Amazon Fresh delivery, on top of the annual fee of £79. The £6.99 entitles users unlimited home deliveries as long as they are over £40. Unfortunately, there are no pricing details available for Australia yet.

In my opinion, if you use the service regularly enough, (providing they have enough products available at launch) the service will become good value for money, but if their offerings are two slim and customers still need to visit conventional supermarkets on a regular basis then it may prove as an additional expense people could do without.

Lets hope that Amazon Fresh Australia can hit the Internet with a bang, because in the USA the service has over 500,000 products, whilst in the UK it’s closer to 130,000. To put things into perspective, the standard Australian supermarket has roughly 22,000 products. Current statistics show that there is plenty of room for growth in Australia too, because only 12% of supermarket shoppers do their shopping online compared to the 25% elsewhere in western developed countries and 37% in Asia/Pacific.

You can rely on Buckscoop to provide you with an update when more information becomes available about the Amazon Fresh service arriving in Australia.

Amazon Fresh to Arrive in London

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