A case of Orlando Cellar Reserve Shiraz Cab 2006 + Colonial Estate Expatrie Semillion 2008 - $144.

18 January 2011

I reckon this is worth a punt. Both the cases are cleanskins so you cant flash the label around. The Orlando Cellar Reserve Shiraz Cabernet was selling in normal form for around $10-11 a bottle so the price your getting on the cleanskin case isn't brilliant. Having said that the wine itself will be very drinkable if the reviews are to be believed.

Where the value in this deal come in is from the case of Colonial Estate Expatrie Semillon that they throw in. This wine retailed for around the $20 - $25 mark (US) in other vintages and its unlikely that the 2008 was a complete flop.

The getwinesdirect.com site is crap so dont expect an easy purchase online - but if you get jack of it you can make a phone order.

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