A case of mixed Acrobat Chardonnay & Shiraz + 2 bottles of Acrobat NV Brut for $59 delivered

1 February 2011

I looked at this and thought it would probably be the usual crappy dregs of the barrel wine being sold at a fanciful(ly expensive) price but it looks like a reasonable bargain, although I still dont know how drinkable it is.

Some of the Acrobat vintages are being sold for reasonable money - the 2009 Shiraz and 2010 Chardonnay both sell at $143 a case. I know this doesnt increase their taste but it at least indicates that its not vinegar your buying.

Price wise deals direct sell cases of the 2008's at $69.95 excluding delivery. Liquorland are $10 under that price including delivery with the bonus of 2 bottles of the NV Brut ($24 of value) thrown in for free.

Not a bad buy if you want something to quaff on the cheap.

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