A case of Leogate Reserve Shiraz 2009 or Chardonnay 2010 for $119 a case

15 February 2011

I listed a promo code a while back for a bottle of Leogate with an order of a case from Jacks.

Now they've come up with cases of the actual wine. When I checked it out last time it looked to be a wine worth buying - at Leogate themselves they were selling it for $180 a case. Now Jacks have it at $119 a case. I reckon at this price its a bargain wine worth buying.


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    The Reserve Chardonnay can be ]found here. http://www.jackswine.com.au/upload_files/wines/LeogateChardonnay.jpg
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    And the original thread where I was looking at the Leogate wines ]is here.

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