A case of De Bortoli Gulf Station Pinor Noir + a case of Red Angus Pilsner $175 + cashback

6 September 2009

I reckon this is a good buy. No idea what the beer is like or the wine, but the sums work.

Jacks per bottle price on the wine is about 50 cents under market and a case of the Red Angus (which gets good reviews on the beer blogs) comes in at about $70-$80. Cashback will take another 8.60 or so off the $175 you pay.

The Red Angus brewery is incorporated into the De Bortoli winery so this is no doubt a promo to try and get a name for the beers.


  • admin EDITOR
    Its the case of beer that swings this deal for me btw.
  • crampy33
    The wine is nice enough (not the smoothest pinot ever) Costco sells it for $13 a bottle ($156 a case). So it's definitely a good deal for the beer!

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