A case of Catching Thieves Cabernet Merlot 2008 for $99 + cashback from jacks Wine. Bargain.

8 February 2011

In my humble opinion this is a bargain...... The wine comes endowed with two gold medals and two wine show trophies and will be good for the money.

Part of the reason its going out this cheap will come down to the fact that its in PET bottles and technically 'out of date'. The use by was 10th of Oct. Because they use PET bottles its got to have a use by date by law. A little bit stupid if you ask me - its wine...... not milk.

Anyway - its a bargain buy because your going to pay in the range of $13 to $14 to get it elsewhere. Jacks are selling it for $8.25 a bottle and you get cashback on it as well.

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    With cashback the per bottle price comes down to $8. Just clocked that the Semillion Sauvignon Blanc is on sale at the same price. I'm not surprised there's a two carton limit on this. http://www.winebrands.com.au/admin/emailmarketer/admin/temp/newsletters/91/catching-thieves-semillon-sauvignon-blanc-2009.jpg

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