A case of Angove Estate Nine Vines Shiraz Viognier 2011 + 1 x Veuve Clicquot for $119 delivered from Wine Market

18 April 2013

Looks like lastminute have sort of white labelled Wine Markets site. The opening offer they've got is a case of Angove Estate Nine Vines Shiraz Viognier plus a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV champagne for $119 delivered. Its not a bad price on account of the champers.

The per bottle price on the wine is $9.15 which is on the high end of market price. The Veuve Cliquot sells for around $59 a bottle. You've gotta love the "valued at over $79.99" claim they make as Wine Market sells the bottles for $56.99. Someone didnt do their homework there.

All together not a bad price for the booze you end up with.

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  • GG2013
    Just got a phone from winemarket.com.au ,bought a ctn of 12 for $95 incl delivery. Just tasted it,Good flavours,solid and woody,a Brilliant ruby colour,but a thin consistency.

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