A case of 2006 Brands Laira Coonawarra Shiraz from Jacks Wine $167.88 - Buckscoop Cashback

12 October 2009

Worth posting I reckon - and I'm a Shiraz fan.

Its a triple gold medal winner and generally the Brands Laira wines have a bunch of medals between them so the probability that you'll end up with a very drinkable wine is high. Its also a 94/100 Halliday rating

Cost of the case is $167.88 or $13.99 a bottle. Once cashback is taken into account the cost will be $159.63 or $13.30 per bottle.

Comparing the price elsewhere its around $16.99 for the same thing, so good deal from Jacks.

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    Ha - they obviously sold out of this and its just come back into stock. The price is slightly higher now - $14.33 a bottle up from the original $13.99 in my deal. Its still a good buy at that price.

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