A case + 3 magnums of Tyrrells Heathcote Shiraz 2008 delivered for $203. Good Bargain

10 September 2010

This works out to be a very good price for the volume of wine you end up with.

The price for a bottle of the Tyrrells heathcote shiraz ranges around $18 to $20 and Tyrrells as a winery was given the Halliday 2010 winery of the year.

Winelist (the nearest I could find in price) have this listed as $203 for a 12 bottle case plus 3 magnums plus free delivery. Jacks wine was better than winelist in the per bottle price ($16.50 instead of $16.99) but they only offer one magnum per 6 bottle case and their delivery charge to Sydney as an example was $12 per item. Even with buckscoop cashback Jacks isnt in the game on price.

Given that the winelist deal works out to be 1.5 litres of wine, or 18 x 750ml bottles, the effective delivered price you pay per bottle is about $11.25. Not a bad bargain and although this isnt going to blow the top of your head off your not going to risk being delivered a box of expensive vinegar. The deal is only on until monday btw.

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