A 200g pack of 'All Natural' Tropix snakes for 66 cents from Mylollies.com.au

16 February 2011

From the sly wording here these snakes are a rip off of those coming out of The Natural Confectionary company as they are made in the same factory. I like all the lollies I've tasted out of The Natural Confectionary guys.

mylollies.com.au have packs of 200gm going out for 66 cents a packet. Worth a punt at that price as they're cheaper than Allens.


  • admin EDITOR
    You'd probably want to buy a few packets to make up for the shipping but there is other stuff in the on sale category that you could top up with.
  • stevehl
    now 99c....
  • admin EDITOR
    At 66c they were a bargain - at 99 they're just ok.

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