99c Chocolate Easter Bunnies from 13 March

6 March 2008

Next week at Aldi, they are selling chocolate easter bunnies for 99cents.

100% Milk Chocolate, 150g

May already be there as it says available now.


  • nod
    Nice price :) For that price you usually get the compound chocolate rubbish. I really hate the taste of that stuff :(
  • craftykiwi
    So do I Nod. Although I think last year they had similar ones that were Willow Brand and they are good.
  • lisss
    I hate that cheap chocolate stuff, Red Dot usually has similar sales around Easter. I only buy branded chocolate bunnies such as Cadbury, Red Tulip etc :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Its pretty spectacular when you calculate out how much on top of the norm you pay for easter eggs. No wonder the confectionary companies love them.
  • lilpretzel
    I'm the same lisss it's gotta be Cadbury, Red Tulip etc I told my 15 & 13 yr girls that I will buy them a block of chocolate + give them $20 each. With Miss 7 we've always given her a few eggs easter day than buy more at 50% off the next day. :w00t: :w00t: Gotta save the $$$ Good ole nanny has heaps for them on easter day. :D
  • photographyisart
    Willow isn't too bad, and this could be willow. It is ridiculous though how much they sell easter eggs for. I went to some shops last year the day or a couple of days before and the easter eggs were already reduced. It was great. I bought all mine then and there. This year I am going to buy a cheap but good block of cadbury chocolate and melt them into mini egg and bunny moulds i have. I know a place that has great prices on cadbury chocolate but i will post tomorrow for my deals.:P
  • MamaK
    awaiting your post PIA :) From what I have heard, Aldi does a great block of organic free-trade choccy too. Can't wait until we get one here

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