7-Eleven Fruit Juice GC Raw $1 with coupon

8 February 2011

At GCRaw they have worked their butts off over the past few years to develop fruit and vegetable juice combos that not only taste delicious but help make getting your daily intake of fruit and veggies a cinch.

It's the usual story - people are busy with the daily grind, and it's hard to eat the required amount of veggies at the best of times. So GC Raw brings you your veggies in a juice, made virtually undetectable by adding fruit and letting it do what fruit does best make veggies nicer.

Try our delicious fruit and veggie blend for a limited time only for $1 at 7 Eleven Stores where this product is stocked. You need to print a copy of the attached coupon.


Flavours: Pine Punch, Berry Burst or Mango Fever.

Pine Punch - tropical flavours of pineapple, apple and mango with a sneaky blend of celery and pumpkin to make a healthy juice your taste buds will applaud.

Berry Burst - blend the nourishment of carrot and beetroot with the feel-good flavours of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry to make a yummy juice that's berry good too.

Mango Fever - combines a smooth blend of mango and banana puree with refreshing apple juice to help make getting your daily boost of fibre a breeze.

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