7-Eleven - Buy 5 Big Slurpees and Receive a Limited Edition Slurpee Tee

18 January 2010

There are two ultra cool tee designs to choose from. All you have to do to get your hot little hands on one is buy 5 Big Slurpees. Each BIG 1.2lt Slurpee comes with a promo code. Enter your 5 codes below and we'll send a limited edition Slurpee Tee. But don't stop there, keep collecting your promo codes and get the other Slurpee Tee too!

And while you're beating the heat with a Big Slurpee, you could also instantly score yourself a Killer Python, a Chupa Chup, a Big Slurpee Straw or a medium Slurpee.


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - after 5 big slurpies the shirt size is gong to need to be XL.
  • golfwidow
    Holy mackeral. 1.2 litres slurpy? That's huge!
  • NoosieB
    I could throw a 1.2 Litre Slurpie over my head right now, just to cool me down. It's 42 degrees in Perth today. :w00t:
  • kazyazy
    Its so cold in Melbourne I have the heater on
  • modtang
    I am just the type of person to get sucked into this promotion... usually. Lucky I don't like those tshirt designs. Good freebie though. :)
  • nod
    1.2 litres! One kilo of sugar with 200ml of E numbers :w00t: ..... sounds good

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