7 Eleven - $1 V Energy Drinks / Samboys Chips / Doughnuts / Boost Bars - TODAY (Wed 21st - VIC)

21 October 2009

TODAY only at 7 Elevens in VIC there's the following on offer:

$1 V Energy Drinks, Samboys Chips, Doughnuts and Cadbury Bars

There's a limit of 8 $1 items per customer - per store.

(See scanned picture from Newspaper below)


  • taskel
    http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/1928/7eleveng.jpg Click ]here for store locator.
  • bezbox
    Hi Taskel, What paper did you pull this from? I have been into two different 7-Eleven's in Brisbane and they deny knowing anything about it.
  • taskel
    Cr*p, maybe it's not Nationwide then, it was in the mx paper for Mel, mayb it's only for VIC then...
  • vipulrm
    I have been to two 7-Elevens in Sydney CBD and none seem to know about this :(

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