7-Eleven $1 day - buy selected products for $1

18 February 2010

Heard it on the radio this morning. Buy selected items for $1 today only at 7-Eleven. Things included:

$1 Mt Franklin 600ml bottled water
$1 Mars Bar (medium)
$1 Donuts
$1 Kettle Chips (100g)
$1 Four n Twenty Snack Size Sausage roll

Said there is a limit of 8 $1 items per person (in case you were hoping to buy 10 mars bars???)

It's at least in Sydney and Melbourne - possibly in other states as well.


  • golfwidow
    What state are you in ntowill? I have noticed that some of these deals are not always Australia wide
  • ntowill
    Sorry - should have mentioned that. I'm in NSW (Sydney)
  • craftykiwi
    They were at the Vic stores today too.

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