6x Blue Pyrenees Vintage and Free magnum delivered for $114 @ Jacks Wines - NO FREE magnum

16 September 2008

Ordered 6 cases of Blue Pyrenees Vintage Sparkling which is usually about $22-23 a bottle and the order comes with free Magnum.

Just an edit to say that the free magnum no longer appears with this offer


  • loulou
    Hi Mouldgirl, did you mean 6 cases or 6 bottles? Also, how do you get the free Magnum? I can only find a free magnum with a $260 case. (I must be doing something wrong.)
  • lilpretzel
    Hopefully mouldgirl will let us know ;) Don't forget loulou to use the discount codes posted on Buckscoop. ]$25 discount at Jacks Wine ]$10 discount at Jacks Wine ;) http://www.jackswine.com.au/upload_files/wines/bluepyreneesaprkandmagnum2.jpg
  • loulou
    Thanks lilpretzel! I used the $25 code and managed 6 bottles of the bubbly delivered for $112, but cannot for the life of me find a magnum!
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - I cant find the magnum either. Mouldgirl - do tell...
  • mouldgirl
    :D Got confirmation in my email
    Item 1 Name: Blue Pyrenees Vintage Sparkling (Free Magnum with every 6 pack!!) Unit Price: $ 129.90 Case Size: 6 bottles Category: Sparkling Wines Quantity: 1
    Hope it arrives :(
  • nod
    mmmm I will edit the deal then Mouldgirl. Thanks. Please let us know if the magnum arrive with your order.
  • nod
    Looks like you can get the Magnum with the dozen Cost = $259, then - $25 with delivery for the eastern staters around $10 = So with the dozen it costs you $20.33 delivered and the Free magnum .. still a great offer :)

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