$50 per Kilo Biltong (African Beef Jerky) + $10 Postage Australia Wide

13 August 2008

I was introduced to this site by my new best friend who's a huge fan of Beef Jerky and Protein stuff (hehe)!

Anyway, I have purchased a couple of times.
Their service is quite slow, but their product is ace.
The jerky is really tasty and preservative free.
However be warned that they do use quite a bit of salt.

They're certainly the best priced I have come across..
I have tasted many various types of beef jerky, and this one comes with my stamp of approval :D

$50/kilo + $10 postage is really reasonable imo.



  • admin EDITOR
    50 bucks a kilo would be about standard for biltong wouldnt it? I seem to remember that it was about 40 or 50 last time I bought some. A friend used to make donkey biltong up north. Very nice stuff.
  • queenshrew
    I was paying between$70-$100/kilo before :( Where did you pay $40/kilo for from? On eBay, they sell for around $35+/ half kilo + postage
  • golfwidow
    I love jerky. Dont know if i love it enough to eat a kilo of it. Might have to get my best friend to help me if i bought some. Oh i forgot you arent allowed to eat before weight lifting events. Just have to eat it in front of her. He he. I am evil :) (and feeling like im talking to myself, LOL)

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