48 Cadbury Creme Eggs for $19.95 (42cents each) - Catch Of The Day

19 March 2012

More Easter goodies - 48 Cadbury Creme Eggs for only $19.95 plus shipping which is about $6.95 but the $10 shipping cap is active.


  • queenshrew
    And expiry date is June 2012, so you have a bit of time to eat it all up after Easter - if they make it to Easter :D
  • nod
    If you factor in the $6.95 shipping they are 56 odd cents each ;) And re the exp date, nice that they added it but it still makes them from last easter no? Normally chocolate has a 12 month expiry?
  • Pookie
    I suppose if you buy other stuff that will also reduce the cost as shipping is capped. Still not bad considering supermarkets are selling them for $1.60 each. Im not sure about how long chocolate lasts for but in my family, there is no way those eggs would last any more than a few days beyond Easter :)
  • daniekaj
    I grabbed 6 bottles of wine as well which made the postage not so bad.

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