$428 Kitchenaid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer KSM150PSBY with frequency converter @eBay

10 August 2012

These are usually $680-$750 in Australia and are the rolls royce of all stand mixers :p

However, I found an American seller who sells them with a frequency converter to Australia for a great price. She sells them via ebay.

You can buy it now, but occasionally, she does list auction prices that start at $1.00 (but they tend to go for way above US$300).

I bought one from her for $370 delivered (Problem with auction listings - you don't get to pick the colours and my colour is UGLY..wish I had just bought the red outright lol)

Bear in mind that there is probably no warranty as they are for the US market.. but for that price, I was happy to take the risk. Her feedback is really good too.

I like that she includes the frequency converter.. as between you and me, I have no idea where to get one of those and am worried I might buy the wrong one and kill my expensive mixer ;(

What do you think?

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