$40 for 8 bottle wine cooler fridge FREE Delivery! @Dealme

13 August 2012

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Very cheap 8 bottle wine cooler.

It is refurbished, and does say the items are not in mint condition (cosmetic flaws)..

But for $40 Delivered, one cannot possibly complain!

Buy one and store it under your desk at work so you do not have to share the work fridge where someone might 'accidentally' eat your lunch! (It has happened, and I am pretty sure it wasn't accidental!)

Bear in mind it only chills from 8-10 degree celcius.

It comes with 6 months warranty.

More info:
Thermoelectric technology
Celsius or fahrenheit switch, digital temperature range from 8-10
Measurements: 50(h) x 25 (d) x 49.5 (w)cm
6 months warranty - Statutory consumer guarantees also apply under Australian Consumer Law


  • Pookie
    Na..honestly boss, I'm not drinking the wine...it's for my sandwich :) Great price delivered
  • admin EDITOR
    This was being given away free by one of the booze companies ages ago.
  • queenshrew
    It is now sold out. I bought one. Did anyone else buy one? :) I wonder how many units they had. When I posted, only 25 were sold...

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