4 MY EARTH - free upgrade on Sandwich Wrap & Snack Wrap

4 January 2008

From Kindred Magazines email news:
"Special Offer

4MyEarth® reusable lunch bags and wraps are a convenient and a fun way to pack your lunch, they are also environmentally friendly and easy to use.

4MyEarth have a special offer for Kindred Spirit readers - purchase a 4MyEarth wrap pack - Deal 1 and receive a free 'upgrade' to Deal 2 when you mention Kindred in the comments box at the check-out on their website."

From the 4 My Earth site:
"Deal 2: 1 Large and 2 Medium Sandwich Wraps and 2 Snack Wraps."
Normally $39.50, you get this deal for $29.50 if you mention Kindred Magazine in the comments box. Essentially, you are getting a large sandwich wrap for free.

I haven't used these yet, but am planning to.

I recommend Kindred Magazine too! ;)

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D lunch wraps arent what I'd normally associate with an upgrade. Not sure about the neoprene lunch bags - I guess its the re-useability and not necessarily the manufacturing thats enviro friendly.

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