30% off dinner with "The Little Snail" anyone?

22 October 2007

Now that I made you look: "30% off food total at "The Little Snail" restaurant, Pyrmont NSW PLUS 20% cashback"

This is a really really good offer from Menulog and "The Little Snail" restaurant.
You will get 30% off the meal, excluding drinks when you book before the 10th of November. PLUS if you login and book through Buckscoop, you can pick up 20% cashback of the booking fee

Now the thing is what is the value of the booking fee? That is a very good question.
Originally when I read the 20% off cashback it appeared that it was the total booking. But after digging, I found that it is actually only the booking fee
We have not had any Menulog restaurant cashback transactions as yet though, so it will be interesting to see what this 'bookng fee value is'.

The restaurant gets some pretty good votes too.

Anyone been?

What do you think?

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