24 x 45g Kit Kat chocolate bars for $11.99 plus shipping - 1day

9 July 2012

This caught my eye...maybe because I am hungry, maybe because I am on a diet where I cant eat chocolate during the week or maybe because its a pretty good deal as long as you can down them before Nov 2012!

Coles sell 45g Kit Kat bars for $2.04 in-store, these work out to be $0.79 after delivery and if you buy 2 boxes they come to $0.72 after delivery. Yey for cheap chocolate.

If anyone knows of cheaper Kit Kats I will expire this deal.

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  • queenshrew
    That is enough kit kats to keep your kids bouncing off the walls for the rest of the year (almost)... Yummmm.. I gave out Kit kats in all the party bags for my little girl's birthday. It's like they are naughty...but since there's wafer (biscuit) it makes it less bad than pure chocolate? (That is my logic anyway! :D)

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