24 x 330ml of Hoegaarden white beer for $44.95 at Dan Murphys

3 August 2013

Usually a case of Hoegaarden sells for around $55 at Dan Murphy´s but they currently have it for $44.95. If you´re too busy/lazy to head down and pick it up yourself then you´ll need to add another $7 on top for delivery (flat rate to all metro areas from what I can see). However this is still cheaper than what Woolies are charging ($58.24) if you were thinking you´d pick up a case when you were out doing your shop instead.

Just to point out, I did find this beer going for the same price at other places including Aldi Liquor also with a $7 charge for metro area delivery. Jim´s Cellar have it at $45.99 per case but watch out for the delivery charges based on where you live (metro area delivery charges: $5 to Sydney, $8 to Melbourne, $21 to Perth).

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  • Captainjack
    Just seen that with GrapevineCellars it´s cheaper to have it delivered to the Sydney area ($49.80 in total) compared with Dan´s.
    Edited By: Captainjack on 2013/08/03 20:48:38: correction

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