24 cans of coke for $10 Friday only at Coles in Victoria

3 September 2009

Like the 'managers special' yesterday in NSW, Victoria now have a similar special Friday 4th Sept for 24 cans of coke for $10 (under half price) - about $0.42 per can.


  • voteoften
    That "manager's special" from NSW was offered in WA as well.
  • hayythere
    I'm in WA and I was in Coles today. I heard something over the loud speaker about Coke cans being on special tomorrow (friday) only. I did not catch how many cans or how much they were but id say it would be the same, $10 or 24 cans. They said there was an even better special on Saturday but they will reveal it tomorrow. ________ ]RENNTECH
  • voteoften
    I ought two slabs for $10 each here in WA. Looks like this is Australia wide.

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