20% off Evrything @ Gluten Free Favourites - CLOSING DOWN SALE

12 May 2008

Hurry in for the20% OFF EVERYTHING sale. That's right - everything discounted by 20%. But only while stocks last. Share this email with your friends, because these specials won't last long. And remember our $10 flat rate to anywhere in Australia.

Check us out at:


So time has come to close the doors on Gluten Free Favourites, due to family commitments. We will take orders right up to our last day of trading being Monday 26 May.

Thank you for your support, and making Gluten Free Favourites a great place to shop for gluten free food since 2004.

The Gluten Free Favourites Team (Luke, Leanne, Marilyn and Peter).

PS. Please reply to this email if your are interested in owning Gluten Free Favourites for yourself - a ready to go family business at a reasonable price.


  • nod
    shame they are closing down Fairybelle but a good time for you to stock up on the 'Cocoa Bombs' :)
  • fairybelle
    I might wait till they get down to almost giving them away... The markup on them compared to Coles is about 20%.. so its just like buying from the supermarket now.
  • admin EDITOR
    20% on top of the usual supermarket mark up for specialty food... that'd be a bit.

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