$2 Tim Tams @ ColesOnline + Instore

1 October 2009

$2 for all varieties of Tim Tams.
Limit 12 per customer

Also available in store - edited title


  • nod
    Limit of 12 hey? :D Why so low hehehehe
  • golfwidow
    My local Bi-Lo and Coles store also had them for this price in store :)
  • queenshrew
    Also available at Coles in Brisbane..so I'm guessing it's Australia wide? It is not just limited to Tim Tams but other varieties too, like Mint Slice etc. There is no limit signs in the store - so my guess is, buying instore is probably better :)
  • Wormetti
    Bought some in a Melbourne Coles for $2 but probably shouldn't have. I also got two Kettle chips (200g bags) for $5 total but no idea if that is a good price.
  • kazyazy
    From Monday 5th Oct. Safeway/woolworths have tim tams for $1.85 a packet.

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