$15 off vouchers with no min spend at Wine Bros in Collingwood.

17 July 2013

Winebros are running a voucher giveaway until Sunday the 21st. They had two lots of vouchers - 15 x $30 and 30 x $15. Unfortunately the $30 off vouchers have gone dammit all. At the time of posting there are still 28 vouchers for $15 off with no min spend.

Where the voucher becomes decent value is if you buy something like a wine 6 pack for $60 and choose pick up (those of you in Collingwood).

I've tried to find either single bottles or spirits / beer at around the $15 mark but all the spirits and beer are sold out and the wine only comes in cases.

Still.... not a bad discount if you live nearby and can pick up.

What do you think?

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