12 Te Kairanga Martinborough Pinot Noir 2009 for $162 (or $147 delivered Paypal) - Wine Market

18 June 2012

This is very cheap.

You can either buy the case normally, where you'll pay $162 + delivery charge or use the linked $15 off and free shipping if you pay with Paypal coupon I've linked to get it for $147 delivered.

At the $162 price its around $13.50 a bottle while at the $147 price its $12.25. Very cheap given that its selling at $22+ elsewhere.

Some of these NZ Pinot Noir's are among the nicest wines I've tasted and I suspect this one is the same. Worth a punt at that price I'd say.

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    This has just become a very good deal with the paypal $15 off + free shipping post by Jezebel. Thanks

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