100 chupa chups magics - $9.95 @ catch of the day (just over an hour left!)

3 August 2010

just over an hour left on this one, it was yesterdays deal. i got chupa chups before from catch, they lasted for ages!

Expect to pay $60+ Today just $9.95!

A whole new breed of Chupa Chup!

Exciting new fruit flavoured Chupa Chups with a tutti-frutti powder centre

* Amazing new flavours - Apple Mango, Cola Lemon and Vanilla Cherry
* Tutti-frutti flavoured powder centre
* 100 Chupa Chups for only $9.95!
* Best before Nov 2011
* Comes in boxes of 50 - you get two boxes!

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  • lilpretzel
    Still available :)

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